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Moments for the scrapbook… pt 3

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 3:26 pm by flerly.

Strike your classy party pose
After the fireworks duties were over, alcohol for the “crew” really started flowing. I managed to waste a bit of time on Rock Band with a drink in each hand, enjoying the musical stylings of one of Jessie’s friends, Tim I believe, on the microphone, until I ran empty and we elected to give up our spots in the band and let others play for a while. Tim and I walked outside where I was handed a fresh margarita and walked into a conversation with Dennis & Angela, and he walked off to talk to some other of Jessie’s friends. Shortly after, I see Tim walk by and realize he is not carrying a beverage of any sort. He spies me, and comes over to give a dap to his Rock Band buddy, where I question him about his lack of beverage. He says, “Well, I was going to get another beer, because there is a keg, but I don’t think this is really that kind of party. This is more of a classy party, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it by getting trashed like it’s just some keg party.”

This information causes me to giggle to no end, whereupon I turn to Angela and give her a salute with my margarita glass, pinky high in the air, and inform her to watch for this pose as it signifies we’re at a classy party. The tale of our “classy party” spreads as people in the know pause to salute each other with their beverage of choice, pinky raised, and laugh. Of course, all attempts to pump beer from the keg with pinky raised only ended in tears.


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  1. fluffyluggage has made a Comment

    lol–your party antics are causing me an endless amount of amusement! I love it!! Can’t wait to hear more, if there is any! <3

    July 10, 2008 @ 4:42 pm

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