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today is the greatest… day for random thoughts

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 12:33 pm by flerly.

1) Good morning, have a screwed up work computer… again. The technology fairy says “Pbthththththtptttt!”

2) Got my party thank you cards finally & LOVE THEM! Guess I’ll have plenty of time to addess and send tomorrow evening, as Mr. T “abandons” me all evening! =P

3) Mr. T is answering the emergency call for help setting up Friday’s Stone Mountain fireworks show, and since it’s the big one, it’s like a damn full days work… expecting him to be there at 4:30 until midnight.

4) Saturday night, they are SOL, though, as we finally take our anniversary getaway trip. w00t!

5) CHKDSK takes a really long time.

6) Oh, I neglected to mention a nice evening dinner fixed on the grill and eaten on the patio was nearly ruined by yellow jackets last night. As it was, we cleaned up and put things away fast after, as they were SO curious about us and Kitty. Haven’t figured out what we did to piss them off yet, or better yet, where exactly they live…

7) Tonight, Batman. It’s going to be a long day before then.

8) Meh, all this wasted a mere 10% of the checkdisk time. Lets see what walking away for lunch will waste.


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