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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 13, 2002 at 11:01 am by flerly.

You might find that your emotions are a bit more reserved than usual, dear Scorpio. The energy of the day is asking you to put away the frivolity and get your nose to the grindstone. Tackle a work-related project with passion. You will have a great deal of stamina today in which you can accomplish quite a bit. Try not to get distracted by a romantic situation that may be calling out your name.

In other words.. get back to work and quit going on about wedding possibilities of the far distant future…. I think Carolisa needs a job for the www.chapelwedding.com people. She brought her wedding photos in for me to look at before I got the spiel about the place, the details of what you need in Tennessee to get your license, costs, blah blah blah.. did I ask for any of this? Well, I guess so… by taking an interest in the story of her proposal the other day.

Ugh.. time to focus on more important issues, like Episode II! I’m thinking it’s time to pre-order tickets for Thursday evening. =)


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