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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 12, 2008 at 10:30 am by flerly.

Progressive Direct Underwriters are a bunch of stupid-ass pricks, for the record.

I’m fairly certain they continue to scam people by claiming they can’t get MVRs on their second listed drivers just so they can double your premium as a threat for YOU to get it for them.

I say scam, because, my second listed driver happens to be a first listed driver on his own policy with them, where their records show his MVR perfectly well when you view his driving history.

I say scam because this exact thing already happened to us in reverse last year, my MVR showed on my policy, but on James’ they couldn’t find me and penalized him for not getting them an MVR.

They have copies of both our drivers licenses on both policies which they use to obtain the MVRs on each policy. What, they requested one on him for his renewal and now they can’t get a “free” one from the state for him on my renewal? And they are too retarded to just use the same damn one because our renewals are in the same month every year?

It’s past time for a new company. I hear I can save a lot of money by switching to Geico…

Edit: I sound like a cliche, but holy CRAP can I save a lot with Geico… for better coverage even…. what is wrong with them?

Edit more:Talked to Progressive on the phone and they were “stunned” at the rate difference. Speechless. Only thing they had to say was that I’d finally been a customer with them long enough to have accident forgiveness, and I’d have to start all over with Geico. Accident forgiveness? That means they won’t increase your rate for having an accident. But since they did already for my 2 no-fault accidents… and so long as Geico doesn’t triple my rate for an accident, I’m should still be good. AND my deductables are lower with them. InSaNiTy.

You know I said it… (on Twitter)


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