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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 13, 2002 at 4:41 pm by flerly.

Well, did manage to get a lot of work done, and now looking forward to going home and doing a LOT of napping. Finally got around to writing up a summary of the “trip”, so I’ll post that now.

No longer just the story of a hobbit, “there and back again” is the story of a weekend in Bristol that went pretty well. =) Mom is silly and I miss her. There’s SO much stuff that needs to be done around that house, I think it would take a couple weeks off for a visit before we could really make a dent. Her stupid kitchen faucet needs to be replaced… it is getting air in the line somehow (we think the sprayer) and it just died for a while in the middle of our making dinner Saturday. After extensive reading online about faucet repair, Mom came up with the idea to turn on the dishwasher and see if it filled the lines with water and pushed the air out, and damned if it didn’t work, so she got water back. And, of course, her microwave is dead. Problem is her oven controls are up on the microwave panel, so she can’t just go buy a new one. =\ She’s either gonna have to get a new one and just have it sitting around on the counter someplace, or get a new oven along with it. She wants a set like my sis in Ala has I think. They were nice.

We shopped and walked all over creation, and saw two movies, and cooked a lot at home. It was fun. Mom is strange though.. I got her a book on dieting and a cookbook, and she went all goofy on me. She said I’m the only kid that treats her like she’s got a long life ahead of her and wants her to improve. I protested, and she’s like well, most everybody else just wants me to move closer to them to live out my days. I tried to explain what a loony she is, and I told her that if she kept up that talk we’d just put her in a “home” =) I dunno, she said maybe I just make her feel younger. She complained that when my brother from FL called he told her he was going on 50 and wanted to know how old she was. She’s like “It’s mother’s day, not my birthday, so you don’t need to know!”

That brother says he’s coming up to the Blufftropolis in a couple weeks, and mom hopes to have some house jobs planned for him by then… like let him put down new kitchen tiles, going on over into the dining room with them. He’ll cut off the carpet between the living room and dining room, and then just try to stretch the existing carpet to get the wrinkles out. That will fix that spot of water damage in front of the sink and get rid of all that faded out “green” carpet in front of the sliding doors. That and maybe a coat of paint she thinks will make the upstairs into a new house! =)

She said she’s really ready for an update to the place, without having to take out a home loan to do it. I was thinking that maybe I’d send her a Lowe’s gift card for a little bit later this month just to help her out. Really, I just think it’s something she really wants to do but is hesitant to spend money on.

OH! WE got glasses Saturday! Mom had been to the eye doctor and was putting off getting them until she had somebody to go with her. I just happened to have my prescription in my purse (from going a couple weeks ago), they had a two-for-one deal, and BOOM we were sold! Mine are funky, which I love, but i hardly ever wear them anyway. Hers are SO cool.. I talked her into getting NORMAL sized lenses that didn’t cover her whole face. They are silver, with some black accents, and they look so good with her hair. She is going to be embarrassed to wear them, but I think they’ll look great. She was mortified to find out they are bifocals, but we talked to them and she got a really good deal on no-line bifocals so you can’t tell by looking at them. After we did that, we went to Walmart and I even managed to get her to try on new sunglasses and ditch those 1970s rejects she has. She was so funny afterwards, acting like she was all cool and hip. =) She told me she hopes I fall in love with flying so i’ll want to fly up all the time, and I told her she’s so cool now that she’ll be flying in to see me in no time!

It was sad to say goodbye at the airport, but was funny that she got to watch me go through security scan (they made me take off my big clunky black sandals to be scanned). As my suitcase was going through scan I kept thinking.. wonder what the two big wooden cats, little birdhouse windchimes, and antique-looking jewelry box are going to look like on the scan. The woman DID hesitate forever staring at it, but they didn’t search it. Got nice compliments on my CHEAP (despite what says) new dress. $39 marked down to $19… and it’s my size.. that never happens. Boarding the plane, wind blowing all over the place, dress flapping.. I felt like I was in a movie scene, and sure enough the “planeside luggage valet” told me I looked lovely this morning. I’m sure the lovely didn’t last, considering I started out “lovely” at 5am and I know I just go downhill from there.

Anyway.. overall. Fun trip. Miss mom already. Need to look for ticket deals to plan another trip.. the sooner the better.


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