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head asplode…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 6:48 pm by flerly.

Our last three movies: Burn After Reading, No Country For Old Men, and In Bruges. We’re ready for a nice light comedy of some sort… definately.

I’m 90% packed, 200% bummed, and 50% ready to leave on my work trip tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no big support issues next week, please. Let it be an easy trip.

Apparently eXstranged brother is MIA and phatass is worried. Now that mom’s tried calling him three times, so is she. My notion is he is probably on a trip or something, living the life of an early retired “single” man who just got his last kid off to college. Maybe he’s bought a Corvette and is busy cruising — it always was one of the few things we really had in common as siblings, Corvette lust that is. Meh, and a fondness for cruising. But I digress.

I think it’s too early to be worried, three weeks or no. Likely “daddy” is just trying to cut the cord on his college daughter, and wants to have contact with her on his own terms. Did I say I agreed with it? No, but I could understand it being his course of action. From his POV, I can see where this has been a month of potential peace for him, and everyone deserves some of that. It is tough to be the college-age kid on your own for the first time and on the other end of that, though. It’s only month one, though, and here’s hoping that they will eventually find the balance of their new dynamic.

It was a short call with phatass, because I’m just so distracted and completely bummed. I know I have to do better at keeping connected with people. I get so caught up in … well, my own shit, I guess… that I have been forgetting to take time for people I care about. I miss my friends and family. Thank goodness JamesT lives under the same roof or we’d likely be estranged ourselves. Though, that bizarre sometimes hermit tendancy does seem to be something we have in common with each other. Good thing we seem to be able to hermit together.

Well, that wasted time. Must finish getting things ready. Flight leaves at lunch tomorrow.

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