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ill in illinois

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 9:27 pm by flerly.

On the bright side, during the 3+ hours I sat at the gate today waiting for my flight and the 1 1/2 or so of the flight itself, I read all of Devil in the Details, which was bizarre and I loved. Memoir of a girl with a form of OCD called Scrupulosity, coupled with Anorexia — a combo thought to have been the affliction of many historical Saints. It was amazing to have that internal point of view on the OCD, and the author managed to retell her bizarre history with plenty of humorous sidebars.

I have Generation Kill left to read, plus Brisinger and Breaking Dawn on incredibly long audiobooks. So… another gritty memoir or no brainer kiddy stuff. Haven’t decided.

Once I’d told Mac I was ill and hadn’t slept last night at all, he was great about leaving me completely alone… so no Sunday hanging out afterall. Thank goodness for House marathons and for a sweet suite with a kitchen and a cozy couch complete with extra pillow and blankets. If I had to be sick in a hotel… this isn’t too bad. Drinking lots of fluids, being lazy — aka getting rest. I will feel better before I get home.


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