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October really is a lovely month… not just to be born in

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 3:25 pm by flerly.

I don’t know if this makes us strange people, but we found ourselves so caught up in the wonderful music yesterday at Rob and Dale’s wedding, that tired as we were, we ended up at home just listening to music together for hours. It’s not the first time since the investment in the new speaker setup downstairs that we’ve sat around listening to music on them, we did both remark that it seemed strange that the wedding would really put us in the mood to just chill and listen to more music together. As James remarked, it really hits you when you listen to things you already loved. Everything sounds amazing down there now, as those speakers were truly made for music. The few movies we’ve watched down there have been hit or miss with how we felt about the setup, not enough punch maybe, but listening to music has become a joy and delight. And thankfully, one we seem to enjoy sharing with each other.

JamesT, like a lot of people we know, gets a bit depressed at the shortening of daylight hours and the cooler temperatures, but I have always loved fall. Sure it was the start of “birthday season” in my family, which led right up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I have many fond childhood memories, but I also just love the colors of nature in the fall. Sometimes I can’t believe its only the second fall season we’ve been in this house, because it still just feels so much like it’s always been home. Is it strange for a place to just give you so much joy in and of itself? Just being here makes me more calm, more centered, happier.

Strange that thought leads me to recent funerals, but once again we left the sad occasion with a basket of new life for our house — as it was once again our privilege to be allowed one of the gift plant baskets sent for the family. We have managed to get the many plants separated out into pots and placed around, and that too brings us a bit of joy as we walk through the house. For me, my two projects to the house this year still also bring me joy — even if just having the great new closet layout doesn’t mean I’m any better at putting away my laundry, it does at least mean they have a place to go now when I set myself to do it! And I cannot believe how simple a project it was to update the kitchen floor.

It’s not even my birthday yet and I’ve already gotten some goofy things I’m happy with, like my TV for the office, a new “blingy” Kathy bag (I’m up to 7!), and a booklight. I’m looking forward to carving pumpkins this year, though I can’t complain at missing the chance last year for being at the beach with the girls. JamesT will be home this Halloween, though it seems AT&T has conspired to make him work, with a CMR scheduled for 1AM November 1st. It’ll still be a good weekend, though, as November 1st is also the day of our concert outing in Greenville with Marc & Jennie that I’m really looking forward to.

Thus, I guess, this is just a post in complete contrast from my usual high-strung work ranting to say that overall, I am content, and not just because it’s a season I love. Things are actually good and calm, with so much in the near future to look forward to. Pumpkins, Birthdays, Halloween, concerts, Bristol trip, San Diego trip… then we get winter and Christmas decorating, and I don’t think I have to tell you again how much I love putting up my Christmas tree. I just feel blessed right now, and wanted to share some love and joy.

Congrats again to Rob and Dale, with simply an outstanding wedding event… simple, classic, honest, and very true to you both in it’s style. I’d also like to send some well wishes and congrats out to Carly and Jeremy on their wedding. I do hope you’ll share some photos!


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