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little work update

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 3:36 pm by flerly.

Today’s usual meeting was postponed so Mary could go have an inperson meeting with Lloyd. That being done, I’d just gotten the notice of a meeting tomorrow when I got the first IM from Mary. Petrified she was about to give me a heads up that Lloyd’s decided to pull the plug on us since we can’t all “play nice”, I managed to simply reply that I was available to chat instead of blurting out anything else.

Seems like Lloyd is behind our plan with Mac… essentially some retraining, then some testing to evaluate him. The trick is going to be keeping him in sales and account management and removing him from all technical conversations. The testing will be to see if he continues to go too far sometimes overstepping his actual product knowledge and getting us in trouble. Considering this will be “retraining”, I’m wondering where to get one of those shock collars…. Fun.

Edit: today’s work funny. An agent is complaining that a customer using his website continues to show up as a lead for him, even though he has continually assigned that customer over to another realtor on his team. He’s complaining that the customer keeps opting out of email campaigns from the other realtor, and going back to his own website to register with him again. I look in the system and these shenanigans have caused the customer to have to register 28 times so that he can continue to use this realtor’s website, because each time he is assigned to another realtor, his registration transfers over to the other realtor’s website. If anybody had happened to INFORM the customer he was being handed off to someone else and to use their website so he wouldn’t have to reregister, there would be no problem. As is, that’s a damned persistent customer to be willing to give you all his registration info 28 times. And, of course, something must be broken on our sites because this customer keeps picking the same realtor’s website to use over and over. This is all our fault, not say YOURS or the other realtor’s who haven’t even contacted the customer to say hello yet.


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