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Yay Halloween!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, October 31, 2008 at 10:24 pm by flerly.

33 kids! Glad we splurged on extra candy yesterday!

The pumpkins were a hit, and so was the creepy skull on the door. With only the light from the ropelights up the walkway and the candles in the pumpkins, you really couldn’t see the skull until you got close enough to ring the doorbell… then he did his thing. Even got one of the older kids with him!

Did less with the hallowindow creepy eyeball program than we’d planned, but the single eye peeping out the window and the creepy noises that went with were very cool. Next year our house will definately have two eyes watching out over the garage.

Simple shit, really, but we had good feedback from the kids. One little angel (literally, she was one of 6 little girls dressed as angels and traveling together as a pack… pride? gaggle? rather than I’ve become suddenly sentimental of children) told us we had the scariest house and they loved it. The littlest angel had to be helped by a chaperone back down our porch stairs because she was too afraid of our creepy laughing rock to walk past it again. Heh… that same rock also startled our pizza delivery lady the other day.

Boo being all medicine heady, but yay Halloween! Had just enough trick or treaters to watch through Nightmare Before Christmas and Poltergeist before we turned off the lights.

Thanks to the folks who left us the two extra pumpkins after the party last week. We got to have fun again carving them during this week. JamesT took some more pictures tonight, so we’ll post those soon. Also need to get one of Kitty in her little big chicken costume, too. =)


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