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I’ll get you Saxby Chambliss, and your little dog, too!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 11:14 am by flerly.

[10:27] Chemguru: good thing you voted early
[10:27] Chemguru: =]
[10:28] flerly: are you being a smartass?
[10:28] flerly: because i will kick your smart ass
[10:28] Chemguru: What?!? Me?!?
[10:28] Chemguru: =]
[10:29] flerly: why exactly are you giving me hell about voting early?
[10:29] flerly: how does that tick you off? did i COMPLAIN about standing there in line at all? do you think i didn’t realize i could leave at any time?
[10:31] flerly: i felt like crap, it kept me awake on my cold meds all day, i finished listening to an audiobook and avoided doing any work that day. so, what exactly is your goal with letting me know that it took you 15 minutes to vote this morning when you KNEW it would take you 15 minutes to vote this morning and i have never argued that point with you?
[10:35] Chemguru: =]
[10:35] Chemguru: love you

—– Original Message —–
From: Iris
To: james; kim
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 11:00 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Jennie recorded something on her tv can that be transferred to a disc? If so, can you call and tell her how. Thanks

[11:03] flerly: did you just get email from Iris?
[11:03] Chemguru: Hmm…
[11:03] Chemguru: probably hit the spam folder again…
[11:05] Chemguru: omg…
[11:05] Chemguru: There’s NO WAY I’m going through those instructions
[11:05] flerly: so you know what of she speaks?
[11:06] Chemguru: transferring from DVR to PC I’d ASSume…
[11:06] flerly: and how does she even know she is set up to do it?
[11:06] Chemguru: she doesn’t/isn’t
[11:06] flerly: and WHY the fuck would Iris just email us and ASSume we know everything and this is easy and we’ll just get right on that shit for her
[11:07] Chemguru: because we’re geniusesesesesesesssss
[11:07] flerly: well, then i’m qualified to tell her she’s an ass
[11:07] Chemguru: we can combine to be a SUPER genius
[11:07] flerly: then we can smash her with our super genius robot form
[11:08] Chemguru: “I’ll form the head!”
[11:08] flerly: i’ll form the ass smasher
[11:09] flerly: we need to think of something bizarre that requires Iris’ expertise
[11:09] Chemguru: Um…
[11:09] flerly: what is she good at?
[11:09] Chemguru: not sure what that’d be
[11:09] flerly: or what can we ASSUME she is good at?
[11:10] flerly: can i call and tell her i have too many mens t-shirts and i’d like her to walk me through how to use a sewing machine so i can cut them down to girls shirts?
[11:10] flerly: oh and picking out the sewing machine and setting it up of course
[11:10] flerly: something like that
[11:11] Chemguru: =]
[11:11] flerly: all great for explaining over the phone
[11:11] flerly: and NOW because i want to wear this shirt tomorrow
[11:12] flerly: she ought to be able to help with that right? she wears clothes


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