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San Diego in a nutshell

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 10:45 pm by flerly.

Saturday: Alejandro’s Mexican Restaurant – they know shrimp cocktail and margaritas

Sunday: Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to Julian, CA (elevation 4235 feet) to pick up the frewtnut great niece at girl scouts – Julian Cafe knows apple-pumpkin pie – Then Rifftrax for The Matrix

Monday: Balboa Park: San Diego Zoo (It’s turtle mating season), San Diego Automotive Museum (Ferrari!)

Tuesday: Guy/Girl Day, where JamesT hangs out with the senior chief. I do lunch with niece at Taco Salsa (where they know her name and told on her that she’d just been there the day before) then go shopping and see Twilight at Otay Ranch mall.

Wednesday: Balboa Park: San Diego Aerospace Museum (with the Star Trek experience!), San Diego Natural History Museum, lunch at outdoor sidewalk dining on Coronado, then dinner at PF Changs, B&N and Bolt at Otay Ranch mall.

Thursday: biscuits & gravy to hold us over until turkey & ham to hold us through Wall-E to hold us through pumpkin pie, pecan pie & cheesecake (then Maalox)

Friday: SeaWorld, leftovers, and Rifftrax for “Spiderman”

Saturday: “What the Dickens?” at Balboa Park, complete with Christmas carols and grown men in elf outfits, then a drive up to Del Mar to photograph the sunset and have dinner at Jake’s Del Mar

Sunday: San Diego Wild Animal Park (great-niece in control of my camera!), pop our In-n-Out Burger cherry, and leftover pie!

Monday: Chillout with more shopping and Quantum of Solace at Angela’s mall – which is Plaza Bonita Westfield in National City. Seriously, she did that. Order pizza, watch tv, more chill out and stay up way too late for our last night.

Tuesday: Hug great-niece 2 more times before school, leave her tons of silly notes, hugemongous brunch with niece (and eventually her hubby) at F-Hop, more hugs, ride to airport where we lament not having driven around by the water in San Diego more this visit before then, more hugs, then home.

The Southwest ExperienceTM has pretty much already been documented, but it should be noted that at about 2am, when we finally got home, Kitty was only somewhat insanely happy to see us and the only thing trashed from her having run of the house for 10 days was the San Diego shotglass that I’d bought on my first visit, which she’d knocked off onto the tile by the front door and smashed but good. James’ reaction, “Kitty, you could have just called us.” Yeah, we were tired.

If more fun could have been had, we couldn’t have survived it. We have 3 billion pictures to sort through.

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