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Long day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 12:56 pm by flerly.

For the record, “exhibition” as in “exhibition matches” is a key word when thinking about going to a tennis event. It is as opposed to “competitive”, and I suppose any normal person would have already known that. Rowdy, beer-drinking crowd aside, it was still fun to watch the players just have fun with the game. Random people came in to play a point every now and then against the celebs, cows hung from little parachutes randomly fell from the ceiling into the squealing crowd – mid-point or not, and how many people can yell “foot fault!” and it still be funny, I mean the guy moved back 3 feet from the line.

The thing was, even “goofing” with the game, these guys are awesome and just make it look effortless. But there was definately goofing involved, ie. “losers go butts-up for 2 serves” or serving to knock our opponents beer off the wall on the bounce.

Anywho, tennis event. Been there. Done that. James got a pile of pictures, and hopefully he’ll find at least 2 or 3 he’s happy with.

Afterwards, directly to Bob’s where the time just got away from us. I knew I was taking some really long blinks during RockBand, but damned if I really believed it was going on 5 a.m. On the bright side, with a half-bottle of vodka in him, James actually slept through the night.

Okay, so now, must shower and get on with the important things we need to get done this weekend before we just run out of time.

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