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further blah to catch up on..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, May 14, 2002 at 10:20 am by flerly.

Found out during a lengthy late-night JT phone call from his mom’s that a certain silly little AOL girl has informed him she won’t be speaking to him anymore. He didn’t seem upset about it really, but I guess I am a little, and I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just disappointed in her. I was really hoping to spark deeper conversations with her and get her to think about things, but it seems she just couldn’t handle it. Well, I did come on major strong, but it seems like I was acting a lot like her, right back to her… she’d make a blanket statement about some thing and I’d make my own statement back contradicting her usually. I guess the diff was, I was ready to back up my opinion, and she was just making conversation.

Oh well, only moderately sad about the loss. Bet that’s the last time James introduces me to somebody he chats online. =\ Well, I’ll probably be better off.

Visitors in the office again… SO distracting, I’d better be getting some headphones respect today. Planning “cheese-day!”, which unfortunately means no margaritas when it’s a work lunch… funny how the engineers frown on those things. Perhaps I’ll spring one on them though.. margaritas just BELONG with cheese!

Oh well… house is a wreck. Must clean it. I was a retard who, with the last minute decision to change tapes in the VCR to tape this weeks Angel right after last weeks one, managed to NOT power off the vcr so the timer did NOT kick in. Hence.. we watched it but didn’t tape it.. sorry Jim. I will throw myself on the mercy of Norm YET again for a copy of it for you. I think we owe him a nice dinner someplace. Or maybe I could just gimp-up James’ arm before their next tennis match or something, so Norm could kick his ass.

And last but not least… interesting conversations with lovely niece in Florida and later with Mom (who I already miss terribly). May have some unusual stories to relate here in the near future.


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