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oh I have GOT to get out of this place….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 1:20 pm by flerly.

invited myself to lunch with “the guys”… aka, lunch meeting cancelled at 11:59, so I suddenly had no plans. Star Wars conversation had to be kept to a minimum because Churchill still hasn’t seen it, so talk of pending movies based on comic books prevailed. I’m so not as into that stuff as these guys. SO.. I watch the TVs, sit, and generally be bummed. Never noticed before today how much the background music at Sidelines inhales the entire ass.

Currently being very thankful for some LOUD fast Marilyn Manson to head bang to at the desk… cheap mood enhancer.

If one more person today tells me that I “really pull off” these glasses, I’m gonna strangle them. Got super noticed, though… oh well. It was kinda nice to see all “the guys” grin and wave me over when I walked into sidelines in my granny glasses and “bright colors” that Billy says I’m not supposed to wear. Still, lunch was major dull. Drive back rocked.. almost took a very silly LONG way back (from the sidelines 2 blocks away), but that little voice told me that if I took the LONG way, I’d end up at home or in chattanooga or anyplace else but back at work, which would result in me getting canned.

Oh well.. I’m here now, headphones in place, mp3s to blast… it wont take too long to block out the memory of the sunny day outside in this cave.


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