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say “cheeeeeeese”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 1:55 pm by flerly.

Cheese day was typical. Always more entertaining than foosball days. Main topic of conversation.. “geekiness levels” and different “paths of geekdom”. After lunch ritual to the comics shops ensued, which led to purchase of beloved long-lost game book for Arcanum (used, cheap, and brought back warm memories), and another cheap ass game. WANTED exploded cow, but Greg called it first.

Oh well… seems like I missed a little IM serenade from the Shoeman at lunch. Tried serenading him back, but no reply yet. Must be at Krystal… or arrested for going postal at work.. it’s a toss up which is more likely today. He’s been ranting a lot this morning about “did I mention I hate this job?”

Well, did I mention join the club? Reactions to the “auditors” milling around here at work are mixed, which most people fearing the worse… that we’re about to be bought out and shut down. Who knows.

Oh well… might as well let the semblance of work continue for a few more hours.


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