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The state of diet things…

Posted in Workout on Friday, November 11, 2005 at 2:48 pm by flerly.

Just an update. Oct 17th was my doctor’s appointment to discuss alternate birth control methods and get off the depo. The big kick in the ass was weighing in for the appointment at 202 lbs.

So, bye bye depo, hello Nuvaring… and hello hellacious week of cramping as my body weened off one cocktail of hormones and onto another one. I told JT I was going to go back on weightwatchers the day I changed out my birth control, but that week of cramping shot that all to hell. Throw in the fact that we had Halloween candy in the house and it all seemed downhill from there.

It took almost two weeks before I stopped cramping to death and even thought about watching what I ate. No real dieting, but enough fun-size bar snacking. The weather got too chilly for tennis, and thus the only real exercise I managed since the 17th has been a bit of DDR.

So, this week, I actually noticed that I don’t seem to be feeling hungry the same way I used to. Looking back, I don’t think I’d actually been eating nearly as much as I used to. Thus, last night I made a hell of a commitment to weightloss — that is, I spent $60 on a highly-recommended scale that tracks your weight, calculates body fat percentages, and estimates hydration levels.

This morning, I used it. I have to say… overall the numbers don’t look good: 194 lbs and 40.1% body fat, but considering that’s me losing 8 lbs in about 4 weeks, without any sort of trying. If that’s just a general change in how my difference in appetite without Depo is going to affect things, then I’m feeling positive.


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