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Tomorrow is the day!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Friday, January 13, 2006 at 3:32 pm by flerly.

Tomorrow morning is the official weigh in for the National Body Challenge and time to start logging daily food and activities for eight weeks. Our house is stocked with healthy food and snacks, all the workout equipment is set up, and I even added three new DVDs to my workout library yesterday. Hopefully, I’m psyched and ready to go.

On a personal note, so far this week off Nuvaring has yet to lead to any sort of period. It’s pretty much as I expected, I guess. I’m sticking to my schedule 13-on 1-off plan, so maybe next time… or maybe the depo actually caused infertility, which was one of the things the doc mentioned last time. The only way to know for sure is to stay off any form of birth control for a while and see what happens… it could take up to three months off the b/c to get a period, he told me. After three, he suggested I come in for fertility testing. Although we have discussed kids, I’m still sure it’s nothing JT and I want anytime in the foreseeable future, which means even if I am still fertile, I may not be by the time he’s ready, if ever.

If anything, I’m only a little down because I really expected this week off b/c to yield my first period in over six years. Not that I’ve looked forward to anything that entails, just that now that it isn’t happening, it leaves me to wonder about the state of things in my body and whether I might now be tossing away $50 every three weeks for birth control that I don’t actually need. Damned if I’d run the risk, though. Best stay on schedule for a while.

On the exercise front, I’ve moved the uber-cheap elliptical machine I got second-hand last year back down into my workout area. I’m still not happy with it, though. You can only use it with the arms locked in place, or else it works the bolts loose and the arms come off. I’m sure that could be fixed if I wanted to invest in some new washers for it, but I’m also not happy with the noise it makes or it’s short stride length. We still have $60 in gift certificates for Dick’s Sporting Goods that we got for Christmas, so I’m going to talk to JT about using them toward a higher quality elliptical machine. Of course, the price ranges even during this fitness sale season, are $399 to $550 for ones with features that I like. I guess we’ll see.


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