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well… the task is done

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 at 3:11 pm by flerly.

Of baby shower shopping, that is.

I’m a puss.. can’t make myself go buy REAL baby gifts like bottles and wipes and crap (well, i’m sure they’ll provide enough of that on their own), as in I can’t make myself go into a Babies-R-Us, so I end up at Media Play buying books. Got a “New Mom’s Guide”.. a “First Words” books, and the ULTIMATE, got a cool memory book for baby called “Baby’s First Tattoo”

Anyway.. “talks” continue about the possibility of writing a group effort story. Currently we’re group emailing to come up with medium to write in, possible subjects etc. As it turns out, “talks” coincided with CSM’s announcement that he is fed up with SPAM and has decided to change his permissions to accept email from certain addresses only. Inspired by this, myself and the lovely and talented Magoo decide to be creative with our subject lines for the group emails about the story.

Here’s the humorous result:

[15:04] Shoemanxy: u llama
[15:04] Flerly: y for?
[15:04] Shoemanxy: stop with the porn subjects..
[15:04] Flerly: y for?
[15:04] Shoemanxy: it freaks me out
[15:05] Shoemanxy: for like .00001 of a second, I burst into a rage
[15:05] Shoemanxy: then i read who it is from
[15:05] Flerly: hehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehhhhhhhhehehhehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehheheheheheheehehehehhehehehehheheheheheh
[15:05] Shoemanxy: stfu
[15:05] Shoemanxy: die
[15:05] Flerly: mission accomplished
[15:06] Shoemanxy: hey
[15:06] Shoemanxy: do me a favor
[15:06] Flerly: i’ll try
[15:06] Shoemanxy: write up a web interface for us to write this story in
[15:07] Flerly: i can’t
[15:07] Shoemanxy: can you have it done by 5?
[15:07] Flerly: i don’t have the 1337 skillz
[15:07] Flerly: i am carpenter really
[15:07] Shoemanxy: llama
[15:07] Flerly: need something spackled?
[15:07] Shoemanxy: then build me another book shelf


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