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Posted in Workout on Monday, October 16, 2006 at 12:35 pm by flerly.

Well, a day of fasting, a day of poking and prodding, and now a day of talking to the doctor are over. I’m on a healthy weight-loss cycle since last time we met. I layed out every ache and complaint I’d had in the last year, and he poked and prodded some more, and in the end pronounced me “good to go.” He is monitoring some foot pain to make sure it’s exercise related, and some extended head-aches, to make sure they are allergy related as we suspect. For the gyno stuff, I’m being officially referred to a gynocologist. We talked about my specifics, and he decided that with my issues, that I would better benefit from a specialist, and we already set up and appointment for next Monday to take care of that. I tell you, this guy takes care of you.

I already figured that being snotty as heck in the midst of a sinus-cold battle would affect my blood work, and he seems to think it did as well. My white-cell count was off and some liver-function test was off. He wants me to get more blood work in 3-6 months just to confirm. The only other mention was of “slightly” high blood pressure and triglycerides, which he says are not a concern as of now, and so long as I stay on the healthy weight-loss cycle, that I should be able to manage fine.

Blood sugar, sodium, thyroid function… all “excellent”. So, I guess the only inhibitor to my weight loss, is my motivation. So far, he is attributing all my associated aches and pains with my exercise routine, but warned me that foot pain is a big de-motivator with exercise, so I should go out of my way to do low-impact and not overstress it as to result in an injury that would knock me off track. All this foot pain is in that same foot without an arch, and he said it will just take longer to get it into the routine of exercising, both by strengthening muscles around my joints and by taking some more weight off to relieve the overall stress.

He also said that my “low blood pressure” incidents were probably due to dehydration, which I told him seemed odd considering how conscious I am of drinking enough water. He said sometimes what is “enough” for your body is just different and more than you think…. either from heat or a change in routine or stresses.

All good info. And now you’re up to date.


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