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Well, I’m one of them….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 23, 2002 at 11:09 pm by flerly.

One of the crazy fan-types to yank all the demo songs on the net from the Chris Cornell/RATM project. Rumormill says the record label will probably release them on cd this year anyway, but how could I call myself a fan w/o having the demos pre-cd release. Neglected to mention the completion of the Soundgarden cd collection with the addition of the special edition of Badmotorfinger/SOMMS that I finally lay my hands on. The unholy Cornell addiction continues unabated, if more in the background than usual. The Sommstress lives on.

I know why James likes his computer cave… these speakers rock. (yes, at your pc, JT, burning cd) I think I feel too wide open with my computer stuff up in the living room. I need a hole to hide in while at the computer… maybe then i’d get the motivation (read: courage) to write. The story notions are rattling around in my brain again, at least. Sort of felt like writing at 4am last night, but knew that would be …. well, let’s just say medicine-induced babble.

Being sick again SUCKS. Thankfully, it seems a day of theraflu and rest are doing the trick. Fever be damned, I’m going in to work tomorrow and out to play tomorrow night.

Oh well.. cd done. I should retire to try to whittle down that big stack of reading material by the bedside. Need to wrap my mind around a role-playing game idea, too. Despite some voiced objections to how quickly it goes stale, I’m still leaning toward beginning a Shadowrun game. Which reminds me.. did I ever thank u, JT, for reading my story? I’m an insecure, fucked-up, freak.. and you accept that, which I love you for. Since you’re in training and not online yet, I’ll add a g’night here. Hope work is at the least entertaining.

Night all.


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