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Bootcamp Day 8

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Monday, April 16, 2007 at 7:25 am by flerly.

Well, there’s one way to get over it being 35 degrees out… start jogging and don’t stop, except maybe to do some pushups, for oh, say, 40 minutes. Up stairs, down stairs, front-to-backs (those in front have to run to the back and start again), did we pass a bench? Oh, tricep dips. Is this area wide open enough for people to pass us? Lunge walk a bit. Had enough resting with that lunge walk? Okay, jog some more. Cool down and then lets sprint back to the meetup point to get our books.

My legs got so stiff and sore in the car from the cold that I didn’t think I could get out when I got home. I’m sure I looked like a ninety-year-old in need of a walker trying to get across the lot into the house a few minutes ago. I’m so sweaty I’m freezing to death now. I can really feel I need to stretch these legs out some more, but I’m just so cold now.

Need a hot soak, ASAP.

Oh, and if you want all the instructors to learn your name, either always be the one in front, or always be the one in back. Every one of them knows me now, and I always get a “you go girl, you’re not the fastest, but you never quit!”

Update 9 pm: Been so hungry and yet so tired all day… shaky and weak, though I find I can’t actually eat much once I try to. JT’s got a cold again, and now I’m sneezing. I realize it’s only week two, but I hoped I wouldn’t be such a complete wreck all day by now. I’m hoping since I had the ability to be at home and be a slacker today, that I just let myself fall into it, and that I’m not really feeling as bad as I think I am.

Tomorrow morning forecast: 46 degrees, clear, wind feels like 40. Hooyah!


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