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Bootcamp Day 15

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Monday, April 23, 2007 at 7:50 am by flerly.

AKA. The worst day ever. I’m going to be kicking myself all day for this one, but I could not keep up. I simply couldn’t keep up. My head’s feeling a bit stopped up, sure, but it wasn’t causing me any more trouble breathing than usual. I’d soaked and massaged my calves last night, woke up feeling “not sore” for a change, stretched the hell out of them while waiting for camp to start, but still experienced excruciating calf and ankle pain today.

Today the stretchy “rifle” bands were back, for some 12-sets of arms work. We did a brief warm up, which included a lap around the circle-lake area, up and down stairs, then we jogged through the park to a big paved triangle area. We stopped at one point of the triangle, did several sets of 12 exercises using the stretchy-bands, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, lateral raises, then did a full-out sprint lap of the triangle. This was so tough, ended up a jog, then a gasping walk back to start for me.

Another 12-set, this time ending in the grass with some flutter kicks and full situps, then another sprint around the triangle. Had an instructor pacing me, gave it everything… discovered talking a little keeps me from gasping for breath, somehow, then just as I got back to start, I suddenly got dizzy and thought I would puke. The instructor guy could see it in me, grabbed me and told me to just walk around a little, but keep moving, keep my head up and breath.

Recovered well enough shortly to join in the 3rd 12-set, more arms, more abs, then another sprint around the triangle. I actually asked, “can I just stay here and jog in place,” and the instructor said, no, I’d rather you spend as long as you need to get the cardio of jogging than worry about you getting back to here for the arm stuff. Which, I guess makes sense, so I took off for another lap. It was the pace, a faster jog and without the group, since they’d ran off and left me, that was killing me. Me alone, with two instructors this time actually, was having a really hard time of it. We jogged and counted out the breathing, but it was more than the breathing, as the pain in my calves and ankles was really getting to me. I started to stumble, but breathed out really hard, we made it to a lamppost about 20 feet from the end, and one instructor girl told me to try my hardest to go full out, sprint as hard as I could, for those last 20 feet, and she’d pace me. And I did it.

Final 12-set, this time using the band around our feet to do a controlled leg raise out to the side. Then “mountain climbers,” then pushups, then repeat. Then, follow Marion at a sprint as she led you back for cool-down… Except, I did not have it in me. I pushed to take off at a jog, came down with such pain on my ankles, that I couldn’t stand the bouncing. Two instructors stayed with me to make sure I made it back, but the group pretty much ran off and left me. I ended up swinging my arms, and walking at the fastest pace I could manage, which was actually keeping up with the light jog they were doing. They tried to get me to alternate jogs with walks from tree to tree to post or whatever, which I did, but it really was all about the pain today. I was so slow getting back, we lost the group. They jogged me back to the meet-up, but there was no one there. We did some stretches and just waited for the others to get done with stretching wherever they were.

It gave us a couple minutes to talk, so I told them that I was really disappointed in myself this morning, even though I don’t feel like I held back, it is just painful to me to see it how far behind everyone I seem to be. I asked if they always have somebody who seems to be way behind the pack, and they said always at least one, but usually three or four. They also told me to remember that I’m not at the back of the pack, because I’m still ahead of all those people who were still at home in bed.

Jogging in place at home on the carpet, jogging on the treadmill at the gym, even jogging and sprinting around on the grassy fields from the usual camp sessions did not wear on me the way that trying to jog on the pavement did today. These are good, new shoes, with insoles, so I’ve got all the padding I can get down there. I guess I just need to keep going, build more endurance, and get more of this weight off. Nothing to do but keep trying.

Hey everyone,

By now I am certain you are feeling great about the positive changes that are going on with your body and energy level. Now is a great time to commit to another boot camp session! Work with the momentum. Here is the scoop:

New Boot Campers pay $350.00
Veteran Boot Campers pay $275.00

3 Month Passes Available. Veterans pay $650.00 for 3 Boot Camps. Sessions do not have to be taken concurrently. The pass is good for one year.

I am considering just getting 3 more months. Anybody else want in yet?

Update 10pm: Ankle pain seriously persisted today, despite heat and trying to rest and elevate them. After a little reading, we went out to fetch some orthopedic inserts to help realign the body when walking/running whatever … supposed to alleviate just this kind of pain. Worn them around for a little while now, and it is unbelievable the difference they make, though my ankles still feel very weak. We also bought two compression wraps, so wraps and inserts should get me through tomorrow. Forecast is best yet: 59 degrees and cloudy tomorrow. Now, to bed!


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