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Bootcamp Day 16

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 7:28 am by flerly.

Up and down day, courtesy of instructor Jeff.

Jeff, was one of the instructors who walk/jogged me in yesterday, who asked me immediately when I showed up this morning how were my ankles. Wanted to make sure I’d iced them yesterday. And, well, I didn’t until last night, when they throbbed so much I couldn’t sleep, even with the Alleve.

He also told me that he was pretty sure that now that I had this pain, that my ankles were going to hurt the whole rest of the way through boot camp — it happens to a lot of people, he said. Then he said, “Oh, and it doesn’t help that today we’re going to try to kill you.”

Funny guy, that Jeff. Fungi. Good thing it was his birthday today.

I did it, though. I went back. Alleve in system, orthopedic inserts in shoes, and both ankles wrapped. And today we ran and ran and ran… up stairs, down stairs, up hills, around trees, back down, up and down, up and down, and ran and ran.

Have to say first off, the inserts are worth more than their weight in gold. I could immediately feel how it repositioned my whole leg and made just walking more comfortable. My damn flat foot, and other apparently weak arch seem to be the biggest causes of this foot pain, and these inserts would have been nice to have last week before the aggravation.

Even with the wraps and inserts handling most of the ankle pain, now we’re just back to plain old leg muscles soreness, same calf issues that I just didn’t feel anymore because of the ankle pain drowning it out.

Today, though, I didn’t stop. Pushed through that muscle pain, took it a little easy on the downhill and down stairs, because that seemed to put the most strain on my ankles, but otherwise… this was a good day.

MAINLY it was good because, I DIDN’T FIGHT MY BREATHING! It just came to me today. I was counting to myself, as I sometimes just do compulsively, but this time I was trying to put some kind of mental gauge on how much pain I could endure in my muscles and keep going. Wasn’t even thinking about breathing in and out, and it just happened without gasping. Apparently, I only screw up breathing when I think about it. Go figure.

Now, must breakfast and put ice on these ankles again, as I can already feel them trying to swell on me. Thank God for another day at home this week. Tomorrow, kickboxing, then Thursday, “Circle of Pain” with Nicola! I can’t believe we’re leaving for Las Vegas on Friday night, and I have to miss Monday’s workout. I have a feeling I’ll have plenty of punishment due once I get back, as rules be damned, the drinks will be flowing in Las Vegas, baby!

But damn it. Right now I just feel like celebrating!

Update: Thank you, sweetie! You made me cry! <-- me got flowers


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