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getinshapebootcamp.com – Day One – Stone Mountain

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Monday, March 17, 2008 at 12:54 pm by flerly.

No fitness eval test like the other Bootcamp, just body measurements and body fat calculations with the caliper. Also, it’s a small enough class that we’re not being divided up, so me and Mr. T will get to workout somewhat together — except for me eating his dust in the runs. This one has morning park classes Monday through Friday, with a Saturday optional class or else homework, and homework Sundays. No big list of homework choices either, you miss this day? You do this.

After I was just saying how glad I was I worked in a mile non-stop jog on the treadmill Saturday and Sunday, because I thought my legs might not be so sore after today, I realize after sitting here at the desk for a couple hours — that’s crap. My legs are killing me, and walking is like being stabbed all over with tiny pins. Of course, it probably wasn’t the jogging, today, my legs ache from the agility drills and squats mostly.

Todays workout was called “Four-Corners Agility Drills”, where we formed up on a center cone, and ran to whichever corner cone he called out, running forward, shuffling side to side or running backward to get there. Sometimes, this would be just to run, sometimes, it was run to then bend over and touch the cones. Calling out center meant we went back to the center for some other exercise, pushups, squats and ab work. For a break, we did a lap, then formed up at a hanging rope fence to do the boxers bob and weave routine, in a squat position, duck under rope and stand up on other side, back and forth.

Yeah, my thighs are painful.

What we’ve learned today:
1) it’s a 10 minute ride there, so don’t leave so early
2) it’s a small class, so don’t get there too early, it won’t take long to go through log books
3) after class … nap, shower, then work, as opposed to todays shower, get ready, sit around idle for a while, wish we’d taken a nap, then go to work.
4) a grocery-store run is in order, and Claritin is at the top of the list

We both went in this morning on barely any sleep and already aching from our yard work Sunday. James’ back, already weak from raking, seems to have been further aggravated today, and I know he learned that sucking in mouthfuls of pollen while you run outdoors is no fun.

Tomorrow is obstacle course.


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