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Day Four – Stone Mtn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 8:36 am by flerly.

“Suicides Day” — Boy was it gusty and cool this morning! The wind kept blowing the cones all over the place. He’d set up three stations for us to do suicides, with the group jogging from station to station around the park. From the last station, he said it was a mile back to our cars if we continued on around, but I’m not sure how far the total trip was. Never more thankful for my sweet workout vest as a great wind-breaking top layer and it’s nice big pockets which can hold my bottle of water while I jog. James commented how much it sucked to run and carry water, though he was thankful he did.

First station was three people to rotate per line, doing suicides on the relatively flat asphalt in the parking lot, for three rotations. Then we jogged around to a grassy slope to do another set rotating three people to run up and down the hill, doing two rotations. Then, a jog to the last set, which was a bit steeper slope, where we all ran one set together. We did some brief stretching after each station, but still two girls seemed to pull something and ended up walking back.

I was out of breath the whole time, but managed to at least maintain a jog on everything except the last two cones of the last station of the day. I think I was gasping for air so much I was making myself get dizzy, because coming down that last slope was giving me that same weird vertigo feeling that I had snowboarding when I faced down the mountain.

The mile jog back after it all was a chore, and I had to try to speedwalk at first just to get my breathing under control, then tried to alternate walking and jogging until I caught up with the group at one point. Then I managed to jog about 1/3 of the way back hanging with the group before I had to slow down my pace a bit, but kept jogging. I was having a nasty cramp across the bottom of my left foot and my jog was coming out more like a bouncy shuffle by the end. I was happy that though I managed to bring up the rear, that I didn’t leave them waiting too long.

We didn’t stretch nearly long enough for me, and the ride home was excruciating with my left foot still cramping pretty fierce. James managed the shower and go back to bed routine, but again, I just had to spend some time walking and keeping my muscles warm until things started feeling better. Walked my foot cramp out, did some more ankle rotations and calf stretches, then put some muscle cream and ice on the ankles which were looking a bit swollen when I finally peeled the ankle compression supports off. SO very glad I wore those today.

All in all, the extra time I’m taking this go around to tape up the arches, put in the soft arch support, toe cap, and now ankle compression socks on both feet, has been very very worth it. Reading back on my bootcamp experience before, I was plagued with arch and blister problems, but this time my feet are feeling great. It’s really a completely different running experience this time without any foot pain. I’m also pretty thankful for my back support wrap, though on some days like “abs day” yesterday, it was a little awkward to wear, it’s pretty damned handy on days where we are running and have to bend over to touch cones or the ground. I tend to spend so much time concentrating on breathing and pushing through muscles fatigue that I don’t take enough care to bend over properly, so this is keeping me in line and without injury.

Abs day, so far, has been my weakest day. I have no ab muscles. I strain to do the exercises, feeling pain in all sorts of strange places that let me know I’m not really using just the muscles that I should be because they are so weak. I’ve read about this, and as I start to get stronger that should stop. I’m just hoping to balance working hard and staying injury free so I can continue to work hard.

Oh, and just one additional comment. Our warmups were all done based on 40 today instead of the usual 25, because it was one girls 40th birthday. I’d commented to James before that I was one of the oldest people in my group doing bootcamp last year. This time that’s certainly not the case. Most people seem to be mid 30s to 40, though the other guy — when he shows — might be a bit younger than James.


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