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Day Five – Stone Mtn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Friday, March 21, 2008 at 12:02 pm by flerly.

Not sure what he called this day… originally he said “Stretchy-Band Relay”, but then said he couldn’t do that without more people showing up. This morning, we only had five for class — way small. So, we did a jog around the park, stopping to do arm work with the stretchy bands at various locations, and dips on a couple of rock walls as we came to them.

My arms are still sort of burning. James is supposed to go play tennis this afternoon, which I wonder if he is looking forward to now. The only arm exercise I really couldn’t do was the triceps exercise, as I couldn’t get enough slack in the band to do even one full one at my level. There has to be a way to modify that one for a little while.

Jogging today, though. Whoa… my ankles were in pain from step one, but I managed to ignore most of it long enough to keep jogging, though at my comfortable slow pace. Once we had jogged out almost to our halfway mark, we started jogging backwards down the road, and that actually hurt a lot less and I could go faster. We stopped there, did some more arm work, then started to head back, doing everything in reverse, so we started jogging back up the slope of the road backwards. I could still do that pretty fast, but at one point when I was trying to look over my shoulder to see where people were, I came down on my right foot funny and had a pain from my big toe across the ball of my foot. That one wouldn’t quit, so I turned around and walked it to the next stop. It seemed to ease up from the walking, so after the next arms, I took off at a forward jog again, and managed to, still back uphill on the road, just over halfway at a pretty decent paced jog before my legs were just wobbly. Walked it over the hump of the hill, then when I could see where they had stopped for the next bit, I took off to jog it in. At the last arm stop, when he said it was the last stop, we were doing dips, and since I couldn’t hang with the triceps work on the band, I went ahead and did the extra “encouragement” dips that a couple of the other girls had earned with them. Figured that would be a good way to work that part of the arm a bit.

Then there was nothing but the run to the finish, starting off downhill, too. James and the instructor took off at a good clip to run it in, and our multi-session veteran girl wasn’t too far behind them. I took off at a run instead of a jog, left the other two girls way behind, and made it over half way there before I couldn’t keep up my run and had to slow it back to a jog. The thought was crossing my mind to walk just a bit… from one row of parking spaces to the next… so I could run it in, but that’s when the instructor was out noticing me and starting yelling for me not to stop, don’t walk it! — like he could read my mind. So, I didn’t walk it, I jogged it all the way in, with my ankles screaming at me.

STILL no visible damage to my feet this time from all this running, which makes me very happy. On the way home, James suggested I talk to the instructor about the pain I’m having in my ankles, because that’s not really a muscle area that could just be sore, so more likely it is pain from something tearing, akin to shin splints. Ankles weren’t swollen today when I got home, though, and though they still ached so much, I was just so tired I showered and went back to bed with James. After getting up again, have to say they don’t hurt so much at all now. Really, I just feel my arms aching and tired.

Tomorrow, if we go, is at 8AM, and will be agility drills without much distance running. MONDAY, however, will be running, running, running. Oh, and in case he doesn’t mention it again, he also said: Tuesday will be parachutes, and Wednesday will be another abs day.


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