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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 24, 2002 at 11:15 pm by flerly.

nearly neglected to mention how the rest of TGIF went…On the Bricks was SO unbelievably crowded. Horace and Tammy had a nice spot on the grass where we sat and waited for things to get started. We all just wanted to stay for India Arie… but when she started we could barely hear anything. So, and I decided to trek forward on foot, brave the masses, and generally elbow our way into range of the speakers, which we managed to do, and thus watched and listened to the rest of the show standing in the midst of a TON of people. Lucky for me was just buzzed enough to be singing (along?) so I could tell where she was in the crowd without having to hold onto each other as we tried to move through.

Since we’d cabbed it to the show (first cab ride in atlanta for me), we were stuck trying to figure out how to get back to her boi’s apartment.. Somehow after the show, already a couple blocks walk away, we managed to find Horace and Tammy again, this time in their vehicle, sitting at redlight. Nearly before I realized who it was, was already crawling into the backseat. Thanks a million for the late night lift guys.

She and her boi are so cute together. Just wasn’t up for drinking at all, so no Highlander with the gang afterwards. Just home for me, where I can finally lose the “librarian look” and pass out.


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