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Day Thirteen – Stone Mtn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 10:59 am by flerly.

Wow, seriously a big group now. Takes us so much longer to get going in the morning, but thankfully it’s so much warmer now than it used to be.

It was indeed “Abs Day”, on the mats, and it was pretty killer. Bit of jogging for warmup was fine. Modified the jumping jacks. Then spent the rest of the time on the mat, until our abs were so worn out I couldn’t feel a thing. I definitely think I did better than the last couple abs days. Those leg lefts with a partner, where you lift your butt off the ground, and your partner pushes your feet back at the top, and you try to stop your feet from hitting the ground…. I couldn’t do those at all the first time. Definitely getting better.

As one of the last circuits, though, we did some kind of spread leg full situp, where you sit legs outstretched flat, spread wide apart, and then you do a full sit up… or at least you try. I had zero on my own. Shannon came over and had me sit up far enough to grab his hand and pull on up for 20. Yeowch!

He is aware of my ankle. He said he thought I could modify things a little and make it through, so I guess I’m going to just start on back instead of putting it off. Tomorrow is supposed to be agility drills, which I know has the potential to work the ankles quite a bit, but I definitely need to strengthen those muscles around my ankles. And of course, if tomorrow causes the severe pain to reoccur, well, I’ll just re-evaluate then.

Theoretically, one can work their abs on a daily basis without the need to give those muscles a day of rest. We’re really only hitting them hard once a week. Last night James and I did some abs work at home to try to prep for this morning… maybe that is something we should continue to do on our own. I know I could use the boost in that area. My core is wimpy wimpy wimpy. Well, and so are my pushups, actually. Neither one is going to get me into the “Wild 100 Club” anytime soon. That’s 100 of either in the 2-minute test.

Either shortly, or later when James goes to play tennis today, I’m planning a four-mile walk video since it’s such low impact, just for the added cardio.


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