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Day Fourteen – Stone Mtn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 10:19 am by flerly.

Whew… after a couple days off, I was as sore today as if I just started. TOUGH getting up, literally — hard to move!

Another “Agility Drills” day — high knees sideways over so many freaking cones, down a row, back up a row, then sideways shuffles diagonal from cone to cone, then repeat. Lined up by the cones down one row, then did drills from cone to cone for 2 minutes. First, we ran forward to touch the far cone, ran backward to touch our starting cone. Then, we did sideways shuffles between our cones. In between these we “rest” by doing pushups, squats and squat jumps at our cone. The 2 minutes of jumprope. Then, we did a lap. Then line up by our cones again to repeat the 2 minute drills, forward and back, sideways shuffles, then pushups, squats and squat jumps, and 2 minutes of jumprope again. Then we did 2 minutes of running to the far cone and back, then doing 5 pushups as many times as we could. Finished that with 5 extra pushups, “modified” Heismans — which are just knee ups where you hold your knee up at the top. Then we lined up by threes to sprint the length of the cone rows — me and another girl with a knee problem were stuck in back, and he had us do a speed-walk move through the cones, to reduce the impact. He did it with us the first time, so I could see just how funny we looked. Then we lunge walked back the distance of the cones. Then another sprint/speed-walk back. Then we lunge walked backwards. Seems like there was one more thing, I think just 2 more minutes of running forward to the far cone and backward to our starting cone, then we did cool-downs.

James and I have both remarked that he doesn’t seem to be spending as much time stretching and cooling down as he used to. My ankles did fine — though I did modified jumping jacks, jump rope, and skipped the sprinting for speed-walking. I asked what we were doing tomorrow, and he just said “running.” I said, “non-stop?” He said, “Nah, not with people in their first week, but a lot of running.”

I think my ankles do better when I wrap them with the sticky-tape than use the regular stretchy wraps — they certainly feel like they have more support, so I’ll be sure to do that well tomorrow. Otherwise, very pleased at the lack of pain. Just regular muscle tired, and sore where we worked it.


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