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Das Bootcamp – day fifteen

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 10:26 am by flerly.

Don’t know what he calls today, but it wasn’t what he intended, I think. He spared us running on the wet asphalt while it was still drizzling rain. It was pretty slick. Instead, we did an easy jog over to the pavilion, jogged some laps in there, then did a pretty good arms and legs workout on the picnic tables again: including sets of dips – pushups, sets of step ups left leg then right leg, sets of alternating lunges, more pushups, sets of calf raises, and sets of standing leg lifts, left leg then right leg. By then it had stopped drizzling, and we popped out to the wide concrete sidewalk to lungewalk down toward the tunnel. We stopped short, formed up into two teams, and attempted 2-minutes of flutterkicks (team effort, go until failure) and then 2-minutes of rowboats (again, team effort, go until failure). Personally my “failure” was well under 2 minutes, as was most people’s. We stretched it out just a bit, then jogged on through the tunnel, up the sidewalk on the other side, to the curb, where we did a set of 2-minutes of alternating feet-up on the curb there, a short rest, then 1 more minute, then jogged back through the tunnel to stretch it out and cool down by the stairs back to the cars. Not too much stretching actually, and my calves were feeling pretty tight. Came home and walked about 15 minutes and then stretched them out a while.

Now it seems, with this new class, he wants everyone to do some homework everyday. He hadn’t said anything to James or I until today, but I suspect it is because until yesterday, we both had actually just happened to do some additional stuff during the day which we had been noting — between tennis, walking videos, yardwork, pushups, sit ups, whatever — and I guess that counts. Yesterday we were both so tired, all we did was let a restaurant carry food to us, struggle with a couple of forks, and sit through a movie at the theater. Honestly, I want to tell the guy “If I could make time for exercise during my normal routine, do you THINK I would be getting up at 5 AM every day to be here with you? This IS my daily workout.” But no… he wants us to do that AND something else active during the day.

James has two more days — Monday and Tuesday, though he can if he chooses make up the rest of the week that he will miss on the following Monday through Wednesday. After so many days off, though, he may not want to. Me, I’ve got a regular full week, then I guess I’m renewing — though I’m seriously considering switching to the 6 PM class, since it’s so close to here, and on any given day I should be at home in plenty of time to get over to Stone Mtn Park by 6PM. It will potentially be a lot hotter, but I don’t look forward to getting up at 5 AM by myself too much. I know it can be done… but I have a feeling I won’t want to. This sleep schedule is murder on us, and probably the only hard thing about this for Mr. T. But, we’ll see how it works out. That’s over a week away.


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