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Bootcamp – Day 17 – MrT’s last day

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 10:01 am by flerly.

Well, instead of the aforementioned kickboxing — that’s twice! – we got “Suicides Day” again — same routine, with three suicide courses set up, one in the parking lot, one on a grassy hill, and one on a steep grassy hill, finishing up with the mile run back to the cars.

Today, I found out I’m in ever so much better shape than last time we did this. Suicides? Meh… no problem. Up a hill? Meh… bring it on. Again? Whatever… But continuous 1 mile jog back to the cars… yeah, that’s when the legs finally got real shaky.

Mr. T is leaving tonight for another fireworks related trip — this time to Kentucky for a class and a couple demo shoots, then they (he and Pete) are staying on to watch the professional show “Thunder Over Louisville”, which is supposed to be one hell of a big show. ANYWHO, as such, he is done with bootcamp, and Shannon went ahead and did his ending measurements today. He hasn’t emailed them to us yet, but I do recall that my husband has such insanely low body fat now that he runs out of juice mid-bootcamp because he’s got nothing to burn. Shannon told him if he’s going to stay this active that he needs to learn about carb-loading.

For me, tomorrow is abs day on the mats (I made sure!) and I finish out this week on the morning session. I’ve already paid for another month, but on Monday I’m going to start going to the afternoon class and see if I can hang with that crowd — that much pollen and that much hotter than I’m used to. I really don’t know how it will work out, but I’ll try it. He said I could always go back to mornings, though getting up daily without bothering Mr. T won’t be fun, since my routine is to flip the light on when the alarm goes off to help me wake up. He may indulge me and let me keep doing that, knowing he’ll get to stay in bed.


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