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Bootcamp – Day 18 – UGH!!!!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at 11:59 am by flerly.

Well, he said it was going to an abs day with the mats for sure, and it was. A rough day, actually, which I suprised myself by getting through pretty darn well. Non-modified 1 minute each of supermans, bananas, full plank (on toes!), and side planks. Then we did a circuit of rowboats, flutterkicks, and bicycle crunches, repeat. Then we did a circuit of steam engines, torso bends (standing legs apart, slightly squatted, hands behind head, elbows down to knees), and our pull-downs with knee-ups, repeat.

Then we partnered up for situps (31 in 1 min) and then those push-down things where you hold your partner’s legs and lift your legs up to their hands, (25 in 1 min) and then a modification of those, where as your legs are lowered you spread your feet wide apart, then bring them back together and then up again. Miracululously I did 31 of these in 1 min. I was partnered with Craig — the other guy who used to race James around — and he killed me in situps, but struggled more than I on the others. Shannon was keeping up with the highs for the class for 1 minute, which was 55 situps (Craig), 41 leg push-downs, and only 36 for the modified.

Then we did another circuit for the obliques, doing cross-body, elbow to knee crunches in one direction, then the other side, doing 15, 12, then 10 of each.

And then, he tried to kill us. Apparently this Friday is finally going to be that infamous “Indian Run” day, and he wants us all to push ourselves to improve our cardio as much as possible. Thus… after abs, we lined up to do laps. He said, run as hard as you can and make it back here in under 1 minute 30 seconds. So, we took off. I came back up, dying, at about 1 minute 40. If you’d made it the first time, you got to go stretch out. If you didn’t, you got a brief rest, then another try… for under 1 minute 30 seconds. If you didn’t make it then — which NOBODY did, then we all got to go right on and do another lap, then stretching. My ankles, both of them, were hurting before the end of lap one. Same mistake as last “running abs” day, where I didn’t take the time to tape up too well, because we weren’t supposed to be running. Oh, I had some tape, for my arches, but the tape from around my ankles was already flapping around just from our mat workouts, so it was useless.

Honestly, it hurt so much I couldn’t make it through the stretching, so I didn’t do any at all to cool down. Was in so much pain, and all the way across the lot from the cars. Another girl rolled up my mat and handed it to me, and we hobbled back in together — with her telling me to ice those ASAP! Ice them multiple times today if I could. It hurt so much to drive home, but I text Mr. T and it distracted me.

So, I’ve peeled off workout gear, rotated ice to each ankle for about an hour, then managed to walk to get two Alleve, put my feet up, and pass out. Without James here to have to get up for work, it seems I passed out until 11:30. Haven’t eaten a thing yet today, and I’m at the point I’m so hungry and just don’t want to move.

And all I can think about is “Indian Run” Friday… SURELY we won’t run TOO much tomorrow? Probably another mostly arms and legs day, finished off with more of those freaking timed laps…

Oh, and today, his helpers were snapping photos of us all working out — like crazy! Wonder where those will end up?


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