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Bootcamp Month 2 Day 2

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 9:15 pm by flerly.

Another coolish afternoon in the park. Today we did obstacle course, 5 runs through. It was 1 minute of jump rope to start, then the agility ladder, diagonal run-and-touch cones, then hurdles, then pushups, then lunge walk through the tunnel, shuffle diagonal through cones up the hill on the other side, then on the ground leg work (fire hydrants, etc), then high knees over cones back down the hill, lunge walk back through the tunnel, then sideways squats up the hill on the other side, diagonal from cone to cone and back to jumprope to repeat. Little variations in the number of pushups, what we did as we went through the tunnel (backwards lunge walk, squat jumps), etc., but essentially the same course.

Rough day, though I made it through real jumping jacks in the warm up, real jump rope, and everything else without foot or ankle pain. My calves, on the other hand, were just exhausted, so there was little spring in my step after the first run through.

Also, he kept saying the afternoon class was “a mean bunch” … and that’s not precisely true. Apparently there is a small group of police officers who are in the class to boost their fitness, and they are a tight-knit, hardworking group. They cheer each other on, and they do everything FULL OUT until they’re ready to puke. Afterwards, they asked for more cardio, and Shannon took them for a mile run.

Tomorrow is running abs day, and all he said about Thursday is “we’re going to go pretty hard”. There is no Friday evening class at Stone Mountain, so I either have to go Friday morning (and repeat Thursday afternoon’s torture), or go to the class at Norcross. Haven’t decided.

Saturday, though, if anybody wants to meet them for the 10AM Piedmont Park free class, it is going to be a centipede day, so it’s all running! They meet by Park Tavern.


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