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Bootcamp Month 2 Day 3

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 11:02 pm by flerly.

70 isn’t even hot, but it’s OMFG hot for me to be out exercising. I am STILL so out of shape. I can tell I’m so much stronger, musclewise, but my endurance is still so bad. Add some serious sweating, and I’m a giant jelly-legged woman.

Running abs day was heavy on the running and light on the abs, if you ask me. The hills we have to hit when we can’t just do laps in the parking lot are ever so much fun. I don’t know what’s better, fighting my way up them or trying not to make msyelf dizzy coming down them. We jogged up and down that lawn area, where people gather to watch the fireworks and such, and it’s just uneven enough, full of dips and holes, that I’m petrified of turning over an ankle there. I spend the whole time watching my feet and that is just frickin tiring. Honestly, on the road, even staring into the setting sun going uphill was better just because my head was up and I could breathe.

I’ve been reading and rereading parts of a book I got on Women’s Running — how to get into it, how to stay with it, how not to get hurt, how to find motivation… all that. They insist that when you run you can get your head into a zone where you’re not paying conscious attention to your body, it’s just moving, and you’re someplace else. Maybe for a bit, on a couple of the long run sections today, mostly when I was actually staring into the setting sun, I did get that sort of detached feeling, but it doesn’t last long. Every seven minutes we stopped to do ab exercises, which was a lot of getting down on the ground work, and that just makes the getting back up to jog some more that much harder.

Didn’t help that today my head is full of snot, too… what’s tougher than Claritin-D? And how do you deal with that horrible dry-mouth feeling from taking allergy medicine on top of all the panting and breathing through your mouth while you run? I carried a bottle of water with me today, which is awkward to run with, but I’d finished it only half-way through… mostly because I was tired of carrying it and we were coming up on trash cans.

Also, let me comment that it’s not so much fun to run through the park when it’s full of other people…

Tomorrow: Pyramids


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