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3…2…1… BOOTCAMP! Month 2, Day 4

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 8:15 pm by flerly.

Pyramids today, done on each side of the pedestrian tunnel, so we just had to run down the slope, through the tunnel, and up the other side to get to the next station. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, then 5 each of pushups, mountain climbers, burpees, squats and squat jumps.

Well, today immediately on the first downhill slope I came down wrong on my left ankle and wow did it light up with pain again. As a result, I had a hell of time running back and forth and with the burpees, though I made it up to 20 before I asked for a mod for it. Found out I could sort of speedwalk very smoothly, being really conscious of how my feet come down, and still keep up to pace with the joggers for the back and forth. Also, since I neglected to write down my last bowl of cereal last night a bit before bed, I was a meal short and got my first “encouragement” so far.

No afternoon class on Friday’s, and though I asked him about coming in the morning, he said I might want to take it easy on my ankles again for a day, especially if I’m considering the all-jogging day in Piedmont park Saturday. So, that I will do. He said to be sure to ice them often tonight and tomorrow, and to do lots of ankle rolls, point and flex the feet, etc., to make sure those muscles around the ankles stay loose.

It was frustrating to have the stamina to keep going, but to just not be able to endure the pain of impact on my ankles. The speedwalking was a good trick, though, and he seemed to think that it would be nearly as good cardio for me, especially in the hot afternoons. Yeah, not TOO hot, only about 75 today, but we had one girl who had to give up, puking. That’s not me, and thankfully I haven’t felt close to puking, just close to passing out from the ups and downs. I did finish off another bottle of water, which I was carrying back and forth with me, and noticed that a handful of other folks had also decided to bring water today.

Monday: stretchy bands, Tuesday: parachutes, Wed: abs, Thursday: eval tests. Need my ankles working by then!!


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