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Bootcamp M2 D3

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 11:42 pm by flerly.

Typical Abs day on the mats. Had a lot of energy, rocked the workout and still felt good afterwards. We had a lot of fun today, actually, laughing, joking, yelling at peole… sounds weird now, but it was fun. Shannon has a foot in a cast, so he’s letting his son, Marcus, and Justin run the classes.

Kept right on up with Marcus today as we ran out through the tunnel and up to the grassy field on the other side to do warmups — we left everyone in the dust. He said, “You’re looking good today.” I said, “No, you’re running slow today.” He laughed, “Well, I did hurt my ankle last night.”

Not much running today, other than to go warmup, but still, happily no pain. No pain, no blisters, lots of enegy — I’m really enjoying this again.

No clue what we’re doing tomorrow, but I know I need to be doing some pushups and practicing plank at home. Shannon, Marcus and one vet did 5 1/2 minutes today in our final “plank until failure”. Me, I got my 1 minute minimum and barely over. It’s funny to feel yourself trying so hard that you can feel the beads of sweat popping out on your skin.

One of my goals for end of this month is to be able to do a 5K. Probably should have just hoped to make a less than 10 minute mile, but a girl can dream.

And… it seems fatass niece is having a pool party for her graduation, last weekend of May. SO looking forward to that. Me in bathing suit with her and her high school friends … shoot me now.


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