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Bootcamp M2 D4 – End of week one

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 10:37 pm by flerly.

Afternoon classes are a full hour instead of the morning 45 minutes, so for afternoons we only do Mon – Thurs. He told us to always expect the hardest workout of the week to be on the last day, so people have the weekend to recover. Today was a challenge … 2-minute drills, set up in a grassy field about 3/4 mile from our meeting point.

Already, I knew it was going to be tough — went in today with a killer headache I couldn’t shake, couldn’t get enough to drink to stop this nagging tickle in my throat all day, and just knew I’d be dying for water out there. Took a bottle of water with me, had it downed before we even got through warmups. Regretted that.

2-minute drills are when they set up 2 long lines of cones, everryone take a cone on one side, then you do various drills back and forth from line to line. Running forward and backward, sideways shuffles, sideways squats, etc., with breaks for pushups, standing squats, squat jumps, and every now and then, a lap around all the cones, doing high-knees over the cones. They also had the green cones out in a zig-zag on the hill in front of us, which turned into a sprint course, from cone to cone, up and down the hill, which they threw in every other lap. Damn it’s hard to keep going when your mouth is so dry it’s painful.

For the jog back, Marcus took off with the first group to finish the last go around and the sprint course, which apparently included me and about 8 others, and instead of going straight back, he jogged us through the walkways of the park, up and down stairs, and finally back over to the cars. As we emerged back into the parking lot, we could see another group of folks, led by Justin, walking it who had just come straight back and made it ahead of us. Me and a girl I was jogging near decided that it doesn’t ever pay to be in front.

Good workout, yes, but about the most thirsty I have EVER been. Not looking forward to ANY more days like that — be it a water bottle belt I have to buy, camel pack, or even just some of that Quench gum. Egads. Already, I’m just so annoyed in general this week, and the evening workouts have been the only thing keeping me from just going insane here. This afternoon’s, though… didn’t help much. Today I just feel drained, still headachey, very annoyed, and just ready for this weekend to be over with.

FYI, we leave tomorrow noonish for our first paying gig with Southern Lights Pyrotechnics. Explain much?


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