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Bootcamp M2 D5

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 8:39 pm by flerly.

Combination of feeling like crap, too much stress, and a simple need to hang out with my girl peeps caused me to decide to skip Bootcamp yesterday. I didnt feel bad about it, mostly because I know I worked my ass off this weekend for the pyro show — which as I told the girls, was either fabulous or the worst day ever, depending on whose POV you want. Hot, sweaty, miserable, no cold drinks, bugs galore, damn uneven grassy overgrown farm field with two sets of barbed wire fences and red-ant colonies every 10 feet… one chair to share, no sunscreen… worked our asses off all day just to impress the hell out of some “rich” folks who paid for a show. Well, they got a good show, no doubt, but the labor involved in these BLOWS….

ANYWAY… bootcamp: Tuesday night, hot hot hot, and my stomach is still feeling like crap from last night’s massive intake of booze on top of trying not to eat TOO badly — and failing with all the fried what-nots we ended up with. But no matter… needed to go, went.

Did NOT take a Claritin, and didn’t die of thirst. Today was House of Pain, which is the big circle of workout stations — 1 minute of exercise, then do a lap of the circle and on to the next station. Repeat. Hot, sweaty, gasping… but managed to jog just enough to get back to start to stretch and cool down with the first group. Did I mention hot?

Yeah, right now I’m just feeling incredibly drained still — from the workout, from the mental and physical roller coaster this weekend, from my own recent finance screw-up, from the notion of our NEXT whirlwind travel weekend that ends up with me packing for another fabulous trip to Illinois with the biggest idiot on the planet, and everything else… I’m cranky. I’m hating life right now, and I need me some stress-relieving workouts. If working out so late didn’t mean we ate dinner so late, I’d like to get up and go in the morning, too.


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