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Bootcamp M2 day 7

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 10:52 pm by flerly.

Well… today couldn’t have been more suck. It had rained just barely, and the parking lot was wet and pollen coated. Suicides day … again… which I was actually looking forward to, since I’d rocked them last time out. Did my first run on the parking lot, full out, fastest in my line. Second run, planted my foot sideways as my last step to bend down and touch the line, and it slid with me. I didn’t fall, but it just popped with pain. Finished that run wincing. After 4 other people also slid, they stopped the run on the pavement, and jogged folks over to the first grassy hill, where it was not so slick.

Damage done, though. 5 people out. 4 with ankle pain like myself, and the 5th — one of the cops — with a hamstring injury. We all hobbled with them over to the first grassy field, and as a group did some stretches, and had Marcus check out each of our injuries. Marcus actually said he hated doing the suicides day so early in the camp (it’s only this camps 2nd week) because people just don’t have the leg strength yet, and when they start to get tired and push it, then they aren’t actually as stable on their feet — and when you can slide, well you can lose it. Personally, considering it was actually the end of my 7th week — not to mention that SuperCop also slid — I don’t think it was our leg strength or lack of stability… I think it was the damn wet pavement and pollen .. but whatever.

Judging us all unfit to run anymore, we did some pushups, situps, steam engines, and then started the long walk back without the group. We ended up sitting and waiting a few minutes on the group to finish before we stretched and finished up. Shannon came and talked to us all, to make sure we knew how to treat our injuries, and telling everyone that we wouldn’t be running on Monday if they wanted to try that day, but to otherwise rest it until at least Tuesday. Lucky for me, I have this damn work trip for a week, so I get to rest it until the 19th, unless I’m feeling well enough to go the Saturday when I get back. I’m sure I will.

I downloaded a ton of pilates workouts from VideoJug.com to take with me on the trip on the iPod. Should all be things I can do without aggravating the ankle. Hell, the hardest part of this trip is going to be the walking at the airports. Since we stayed at this same hotel last time, I know already that there’s no gym, but plenty of things in walking distance if I want to venture out, I should be able to be somewhat good next week.

Of course, have to make it through another travel weekend first — with Alabama Niece’s college graduation on Saturday, and then a trip to Chattanooga for “the mothers” on Sunday. Then home to pack in a whirlwind for my too early flight Monday.


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