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little update

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 6:19 pm by flerly.

This past bootcamp session is well and over, and classes are taking a break this week. Next class starts June 2nd, but even though after a 2nd week off my ankle is feeling tons better, I’ve already committed to a month of Pilates instead of going back to bootcamp right now.

Little mix-up with my “basics” class this past Saturday, and I note that here in this journal I had the times right. Somehow over the week I mixed up the Saturday and Sunday times in my head and well…. I was in no shape to go Saturday morning anyway. Thankful feeling better today.

Anyway, first class will be tonight, 7:30. Another tomorrow at noon, then that’s it for this week due to our travel schedule again and me taking Friday off work.

Next week, however, and for the rest of June, I’ve got class options for 7 days a week. I went ahead and preregistered myself for 5 days a week, leaving my weekends open as an option depending on whatever we might be doing.

Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays the classes are at noon. Tuesdays and Thursdays are nights — with Tuesdays at 7:30 and Thursdays at 6. These all rotate between Pilates Mat 1 and Pilates Sculpt 1.

Weekends have other options. Saturdays offer a Pilates Mat 2 class at 9:30am or the “basics” class at 10:30. Sundays offer a Mat 1 class at 3:30 or a Mat 2 class at 4:30. So, I guess going on the weekends will soon depend on whether after just over a week if they think I’m ready for a level 2 class.

There isn’t the accountability here, of course, but if I can work in most of these classes during the week, I should well get my money’s worth, come out stronger, and give my pitiful ankle another month to recoup. Though, I had considered trying out some jogging on the treadmill soon, just to see how it goes.

First, though, I guess there is the hurdle of making it through this first class tonight — and I am nervous. If nothing else, I’ve almost been stumped at the “what to wear” aspect here, since most of my exercise stuff is baggy layers of things. A little web search reminded me that Pilates can have weird poses and wearing too baggy a something can end up being too revealing — and in other poses baggy or layers can prevent the instructor from properly seeing your muscles and alignment.

And, of course, there’s the whole “barefoot” aspect — which boy am I itching to show off these feet that have been neglected and crammed roughly into tennis shoes for a couple months. So, of course, I tried to lotion up my legs and feet and not walk in looking like some scaly beast — only to read that most studios frown on strong scents and now I’m paranoid whether my lotion scent will be “offensive”.

But, you know… whatever. Perhaps these are all retarded things they would have gone over in the “basics” class I flaked on, instead of just some of the basic terms and poses. Too late now — just have to dive in and see how it goes.

Maybe I’ll luck out. It’s stormy out and perhapsTuesday nights aren’t a hot night there for full Pilates classes anyway…


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