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Pilates Mat 1

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 10:15 pm by flerly.

One other beginner there, though she’d been to Saturday’s basics class. We positioned our mats together, which made it easier for the instructor to demonstrate poses. Never having taken an actual class for pilates before, I was actually a little suprised that the instructor walked around the whole time instead of actually just being in front of the class doing the poses, too. Guess on DVD, that’s how it has to be… don’t know why I didn’t think of it. Walking around to help correct people and keep an eye on things makes sense, which I guess is why the “basics” class to pick up the lingo could be important for a complete newbie.

Fairly slow paced, but intense workout, which definately got me sweating, and I can already tell my legs are going to be sore. Great, attentive instructor, and I didn’t do too badly. She modified a couple poses for me and the other new girl, but overall, didn’t totally embarass myself.

Afterwards I was thinking I felt like I could just skip dinner afterall, but by the time I got home I was feeling weak and dizzy from hunger. Lunch time to 9pm was too long a gap, and on future Tuesdays, I’m just going to have to eat earlier and either leave the leftovers for James or let him fend for himself. He was kind enough tonight to have dinner on when I got home, thankfully, as I’m not sure I could have made it myself.

Edit: They told me when I signed in tonight that my “month unlimited” could be used for any class, not just Pilates, even though the option I chose was “Pilates unlimited” from the website. He said they want to be sure to give all newcomers access to everything so they can explore. As such… I may check out a Hot Yoga class afterall… info here


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