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Pilates Mat I – noon class w/ Ashley

Posted in Workout on Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 2:16 pm by flerly.

Interestingly enough, last night Chelsea did a prop-free class and today Ashley did the same. Noon is their first class in that room on Wednesdays, so it was HOT and didn’t really start to get cool until well into the session. At least I wasn’t the only one sweating all over…

Met a very nice girl before class today, late 30s, spent her younger days as a working ballerina in New York, had relocated with her husband to Atlanta, stopped really practicing and had a rug rat or two. She’s still a very tiny-boned girl, but was there taking her very first Pilates class. She was intrigued by my description of bootcamp, and laughingly said she thought that kind of workout would break her in half. I totally agreed. Somehow, it’s kind of nice to me to meet skinny, tiny people who really aren’t in such great shape, and especially to hear them gush and be envious of MY accomplishments. Good day!

She really has me intrigued with the hot yoga classes now, especially after talking about my weak ankles and the problems I’d had with bootcamp. She said she thought the yoga classes did more poses that might strengthen the muscles around my ankles than pilates, and that if I was looking to sweat off some water weight, that hot yoga was perfect for that.

I’ll have to take another look at my scheduling options, as I don’t want skip my current pilates classes, but perhaps I can work in an evening class on one of my noon pilates days… like today.

Also, some advice from Ashley has told me that I don’t want to take a Pilates 2 or 3 class until I can get through a 1 class without modifications. Also, that the Pilates Sculpt classes, which are level 1-2, use all the props, are a bit faster pace, and are a hell of a workout. That was what I missed Monday at noon, so my first one of those will be tomorrow night from 6-7. There’s a noon Hot class tomorrow, too. Hrm. Decisions.

Let me also say that though I know I’m not getting the cardio I need with these classes, oh my JEEZ CRIKEY CRAP are my muscles getting a workout. Muscles around my core that I don’t think I realized existed are letting me know loud and clear that they are tired!


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