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So THAT is Pilates Sculpt…

Posted in Workout on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 10:44 pm by flerly.

Let me just say that I am so late posting after this evenings class mostly because I am so sore already. In fact, the use of my arms has been in question.

Pilates Sculpt would be my Monday noon and Thursday night classes on this schedule, and I guess I’ll keep going. Hopefully twice a week won’t kill me, as I just keep telling myself that this can’t be any harder than bootcamp. Goodness, do I ache, though. Even my hands!

From my understanding so far, the goal with pilates is to master slow, deliberate moves, stay very conscious of your bodys alignment, and to work smart as you work hard. The mat classes have used some props to help keep us with correct posture and perhaps at times add a bit of challenge, but this sculpt class went all out with weights, stretchy bands, and that evil magic circle.

I’m sure that my pain right now is more than just today’s workout, since I’ve also been going everyday now, but todays work with all that added resistance was painful during. I actually left this class with a headache from concentrating so much instead of my usual relaxed and energized state, and right now I’m aching pretty much everywhere.

Obviously, didn’t do the hot yoga class today, as I let some work and mostly my party invitations get the better of my time. I have noticed, though, that most people leaving one of those classes tend to use the showers and change clothes, so perhaps I should plan for that. I also really don’t think I’m drinking enough water anymore now that I’m not food journalling for bootcamp, so i’m worried about being hydrated enough to survive the class. If there is one Saturday, perhaps I’ll give it a go then, when I don’t have to come home and sit down to work.


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