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still going

Posted in Workout on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 1:48 pm by flerly.

Posting what we did each class is a lot less fun after pilates than it was for bootcamp, so until something unusual happens, let’s just say “still going”.

I have until Tuesday, June 24th booked and paid for. Then I think I’m going to do a week by week until after the 4th party — the summer special is $300 for 3 months unlimited, and if I’m not bankrupt then, I’ll probably do that.

Anywho… had to post today because it is actually a day to remember and celebrate, or so says the very kind Ashley, today’s instructor. From a completely prone position on the mat, I was today for the first time able to do a full, slow deliberate roll-up to a seated position, without moving my legs or raising my feet or using my hands or any of those other little helper tricks. I always try, I’ve never done it. Last time she put her hands very lightly on my feet and I was able to make it up that way, but this time was completely unassisted.

So, she notices me do it the first time, then we repeat this rolling slowly up and down several times and I make it all the way through them. She just keeps clapping and telling the class how happy she is at my milestone improvement in strength.

Personally, I think she really likes having a newbie in her class so she can have someone to actually watch and correct.

She said if I take a couple weeks of hot yoga that I should reach another big milestone, comfortable stretching past my toes without bending my knees. I’ll use the “flexible” icon, even though I’m really not very yet.

PS: Working around the yard and house at Sis’s this past weekend, don’t remember what I tried to carry, but my ankle gave a pop and gave out on me again just from walking on such uneven ground.


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