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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 11:04 am by flerly.

I think it’s time to trash the home bedroom and start again. Maybe it needs some Feng Shui help. Something… and sleeping with the fan blowing just to keep moderately cool leaves me aching for moisture all the next day. I cannot get enough to drink all night, and all day after. Trying to get my contacts back into my dry eyes this morning was a blast! =\ grumble.

Perhaps I’ll go to Target and meander around over lunch… not the greatest place for a bedroom makeover, but something MUST be done. Perhaps I’ll get ideas

Speaking of Target… a giddy informed me she stumbled across Q-bits on a trip to the Buckhead Target store. She said she was thankful they don’t have them in the Carrolton Target, because she WANTED them when she saw them, just like the rest of us did.

*blah* I KIND OF wanted to hit the sidelines and officially join the “lunchtime foosball gang”, but I’m just not in the mood. Stupid knee. Stupid rollerblades. Stupid *whatever-happened-to-my-sense-of balance*.

EEK! It’s Christmas in May! just sent a message and a *flex* to announce that he just bought every Chill book from the Mayfair games site as part a special deal. They’ll be here by next weekend. Looks like we’re playing Chill! WOOT!


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