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Practice makes perfect…..but nobody’s perfect…..so why practice?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 4, 2002 at 1:14 am by flerly.

um.. the day in a nutshell.

Work sucked, got tired of spec-ing out estimated time to complete and estimated time to begin and end proposed project crap for projects that take longer to spec than accomplish…. so I just made the changes and sent the graphics back instead of a spec. No response yet from the scheduler…. we’ll see what happens.

Starting to feel like the only person moderately with a “grip” of what we’re supposed to be doing in our New Agent Product Development, as in NOT having hours and hours of meetings to TALK about stupid shit. As in, walked out of meeting about 4ish to sit, ignoring IM’s, headphones in place, and actually spend an hour and half or so WORKING on the product development instead of talking about it. Craziness. CC’d the gang (and the Aussie engineers) and they were amazed at what I managed to sit down and do, and yet still managed to make sure they scheduled the meeting times tomorrow so we can continue to blow smoke up each others asses instead of move forward.

Hmm.. that was a rant. Anyway.. took me forever to manage to leave work because I melted into a puddle when I exited the back door of the office. Lucky managed to flow to the car before totally evaporating in the sun, and cool off in the bumper to bumper traffic that managed to steal 45 minutes of my life on the way home.

Have I MENTIONED how much I love Atlanta… I really do. Because, I love the apartment. I love the tennis courts… even when I suck (which is pretty much all the time). Norm and James were nice enough to include me in some “play” that wasn’t TOO embarrassing. Afterwards was a mediocre couple games at the bowling alley, where I somehow manage to relearn how to bowl every time and not throw gutterballs. Then… nice late-night K-PAX viewing (which was okay) and now…. here we are.. the 1am rant.

I should really ice this knee and go crawl into the lovely, happy, fresh new bed linens in the nice clean bedroom and curl up with some good Star Wars stories. Episode II, the book, btw, manages to include plenty of “fill in the holes” extra scenes, especially those taking place before or near the beginning of the flick. First R.A.Salvatore book I’ve ever read, and I must say I’m pleased. No funky POV shifts like Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed or Alan Dean Foster, The Approaching Storm, that I just finished.

Oh well.. ice, bed, book… and thoughts of what “business casual” outfit might be clean for the morning.


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