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*titter titter hee hee*

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 4, 2002 at 12:57 pm by flerly.

The Wisdom of Marc ™ is apparent….

Today he curses Billy’s name for “tempting him” with the offer of going to cheese day, saying he is going to the beach next week and he only has this week to diet. He was already getting up to go as the made this protest… as I decline cheese day, he informs me that after this last indulgence, he’s going to be on a starvation diet for the rest of the week.

Yesterday, I mention Marc that I used the car wash at the apartments (where he also lives).. in leading up to the story of how someone had backed into one of the car wash support posts and implying it was his wife’s notorious driving skills… when he asks me earnestly, “Hey, where is the car wash at the apartments?” I guess this is only funny if I let the reader know that not only is the car wash right by Marc’s apartment, but they have lived there for almost a year and his wife worked most of that time for the apartment complex, driving around a golf cart and showing people where all the amenities are….. I guess she never showed him.

Anyway… babble off. Where’s my DQ?


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