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EHS Reunion Memo

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, January 12, 2009 at 11:43 am by flerly.

Full size EHS Class of 1989 photo here: http://www.flerly.com/images/EHSclassof1989.jpg

Joined Classmates.com for 1 year today — no actual reunion seems evident, but Classmates seems to have an option for an “online reunion” that is supposed to send the request to everyone who has registered with them, not just paying customers. Thinking about organizing one of those myself! edit: And I did, at least I used the feature to ask everybody to join Facebook so we could at least chat.

If we hadn’t just put together the Celebrate 2008 party last July and didn’t have Jessie’s wedding coming up in June, I’d almost consider trying to organize an actual high school reunion myself. =\

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