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Marcisms… revisited.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, June 7, 2002 at 2:23 pm by flerly.

Oh wait.. I believe this section was called: The Wisdom of Marc ™.

Perhaps… Wisdom of Marc, patent pending.


The scene: Ippolitos, Italian Restaurant.
The situation: The “dieting” Marc, who is avoiding meat and cheese (yet still agreed to Italian food) orders meat lasagna. He cracks a joke about Comstock needing to keep a defibrillator on the premises due to all the cheese the staff eats regularly, which is prompted by the waiter setting a hearty, overflowing portion of lasagna in front of him, oozing with a thick, browned layer of cheese. He makes a further crack about the portion size being so big. Barely 5 minutes later he asks if he can try a piece of our pizza because it looks good. This prompts us to notice his plate, where he has eaten the top layer of cheese and the few layers of lasagna noodles out of his lasagna, leaving a pile of ground beef and ricotta cheese which is nearly the size of his original portion. In essence it looks like he ate nothing, just moved it all around. This is pointed out to him, which prompts him to explain that he didn’t want the meat or cheese….. yet he makes no indication that ordering the meat lasagna may have been a poor choice. Being unable to make him realize his foolishness, we snicker among ourselves and let him have a piece of pizza.


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